Monday, July 28, 2014

Ruby's Run

After experiencing temps in the 90's for almost a week, it rained for almost three days.  Ruby, Raspberry and Thing Two sat waiting for an adventure....:-(.  And then it happened!  The sun finally came out and we got ready to roll.  Now, who gets to go this time?

And the winner is......Ruby!  I had only taken her around the neighborhood once since I had gotten her a week ago.  Time to hit the highway....:-).

What a good looking pair.....:-).  Well, Ruby is pretty.....and Thing Two is ....well, a thing! ha

Don't forget the ear plugs!

We rode over to one of our favorite places for coffee.  You can't lose when you drink coffee at a place called "Bean Around The World"....ha.

Somebody needed a sugar fix and it wasn't me!

uh huh....all fixed up now.....:-).

Wow....we must be the new sheriffs in town.  The place cleared out shortly after we arrived! ha

There only remained a couple of folks and one nice lady who offered to take our picture just as we were about to leave.....:-).

I love riding through the forest....:-).  I love the smells and the quietness of nature.  No rude neighbors to deal with.

There's my stud on his steed....:-).

After galavanting around for nearly two hours, we headed home and decided to stop by the garden.


We couldn't do very much since we were not dressed for the occasion, but a quick check revealed that all was well and it would soon be time to harvest corn, bean, and more potatoes!

And alas...we arrived at home again.  It was a good day.  Time to put the bikes to bed until next time.

See you then!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Smell Me Something Good!

If you have ever had your own garden, then you will know that you can sometimes have more harvest than you actually have space to keep everything.  Being in a condo presents "space challenges".  So, everything we harvest has to either be eaten in a few days or frozen.  There is absolutely no more room in the freezer!

Sooooo, I hit the kitchen to cook some of the things that were about to languish in the fridge.  The quickest thing to do was to make a huge pot of soup.  Besides, it had been a bit cooler lately anyway...:-)

Chris had already separated the last of the beets that we harvested from the leaves and stems for me.
Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of a lot of the things I used.  So, Ill just tell you when I am missing a picture.  Hopefully, if you ever use this, you will enjoy it.

these are carrot tops, beets and radishes.

Start with a large stock pot of water or vegetable stock if you have some.  Let it heat while you are cooking the beets in a separate pot.  Add the beet water to the stock pot when the beets are finished along with a large chopped onion, a cup of barley(optional), and 3 large cloves of garlic- pressed.   I also used 4 carrots that were sliced into medium pieces and two large Yukon Gold potatoes cut into half inch pieces (or chunks).  Take the skin off of the beets and potatoes, dice and add to the pot.  Stir in half can of tomato paste and I tablespoon of raw honey.

I cut up two chicken breast, washed them and marinated them in some rice vinegar, thyme, olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and fresh sage from my garden.  I let it sit for about an hour before browning.

Add the browned chicken to the pot along with the chopped beet greens and radish greens.  Add a tablespoon of greek or italian seasoning.

Let cook on medium  for an additional twenty minutes stirring occasionally to make sure the barley and potatoes don't stick to the bottom of the pot.

You should have lots left over to freeze.....if you have room!  Otherwise, be kind to a neighbor and give some away....:-)

Lastly, serve with lots of love!  And don't forget the cracker....:-)

Bon Appetit!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruby Do......:-)

Well as you know, Ms Vickey; who I had and cherished for 2 1/2 years is long gone for four days now.  Terrible to say that when I was speaking about her today, I could not remember her name right away!  I know!  Treason.....right...:-(.

Well, anyway....I had my eye on this Honda that is almost 100 pounds lighter than Ms Vickey and almost brand new.  We traveled today to take a "sit" and see if this was the replacement for me.
I think we have a winner.....:-).  Chris and the previous owner were having a "chin wag" about bikes and things while I check out the bike whose name was to become "Ruby".....:-)

This is her from the front......:-)

We waited for the previous owner to go and get some paperwork from his house.  Meanwhile he left his key to his Honda CTX700...The screen that is on the bike was purchased by the previous owner.  The stock screen was supposed to be included as well, but someone had broken into this locker and stolen it.  So, the price came down $100.00.  Sweet!

uh oh.......

Whew!  That was a close call.....haha.  They got Ruby loaded onto the trailer and ready for transport.

We made our way to the insurance agent which was quite the experience with the conflicting information that I was receiving. But, we finally got through the ordeal.... 

And sealed the deal....meanwhile the insurance agent was photo bombing in the background! haha

We headed back toward our own city pulling Ruby behind us.  The skies were looking ominous.

We made it back with just a little bit of rain along the way and put Ruby in her place.

Now, I have to decide which pair of boots feel more comfortable with which bike! I also got plastic bags to cover all of the seats while the bikes are resting under the tarp.  It seems that the neighborhood cats like to put their paw prints on all of the seat (complete with mud) and take naps.

I gotta tell you; there is a huge difference in the performance between the Bet & Win and this Honda.  When I rolled the throttle, I thought it was my last day on the planet!  The thing takes off like a jet!!  ha.  Blew my wig clean back, ya'll.....ha.  So, if you felt a big gust of wind going past you, it was probably me and Ruby hanging on for dear life!

See you on the road.....:-)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Raspberry Coffee Break

It was time to take little Raspberry and "Thing Two" out for another spin.  "Thing Two" had to have his clutch adjusted but after that, he seemed to be just fine. I have to cover the seat because the neighborhood kitties seem to love putting their paw prints all over everything.

Scootard always does the unlocking of our bikes while I am getting the helmets and putting on my gear.

We putted around the neighborhood for a while to make sure that Thing Two was not sick and then we headed downtown for coffee.  This was our first visit to this place.

And to our surprise, there seemed to be some kind of kid's festival going on.

There was music and food and a big bouncy thingee in the middle of the street........

Scootard went inside to get our coffee.  He got the sugar and everything right.  Looking pretty pleased with himself......:-).

I went through the coffee pretty quickly.  I have no idea why.  When I have it at home it takes me all morning!

Raspberry and Thingee Two waited patiently across the street for us to come back.  Raspberry was getting plenty of second glances....:-).  She's soooo cute!

That's the bouncy thingee that I mentioned....They had hoola hoops too.......:-)

Well, we finished our coffee and decided that the two-some looked lonely sitting there by themselves.

We got our gear back on and did a bit more riding before going back to the ponderosa.....

Now time to chill out with my favorite person and relax for the rest of the evening....:-)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lunch From The Garden...:-).

After selling Ms Vickey, we decided to go down to the garden and see how things were progressing there.  It has been very hot here and we have had to water 3-4 in a week just to keep things going.  Chris grabbed the hose and wanted to get some watering done before it got too hot again.

I watched a few videos from folks who know a whole lot more about gardening than I do and found that if you keep cutting the suckers off of your tomato plants, that you will have bigger tomatoes.  These seem to be quite healthy although a bit small.  But that's ok!  I know what's in them...ha

We also read that if you plant corn in a single row, that it is best to hand pollinate the stalks to ensure they produce for you.  We shook the pollen from one plant and smear it onto the others.  Now, we have the silk starting to show.  I think we might get two- 4 ears from each plant.  We have 6 plants!

Chris had the idea of pulling two potato plants to see if we had any potatoes that were ready.
This is our first harvest from two plants.  We have about 8 more plants to go, but are going to wait for another couple of weeks.

It appeared that our broccoli was starting to bolt.  That's when it is going to return to seed.  I think that because it was planted near the corn that it received a lot of nitrogen feed and got really leafy.  The good thing is that you can eat the whole plant!  So, we pulled about 4 plants out by the root and long with our potatoes, we took our harvest back to the house.  I got started pulling pots and pans and Chris started cleaning and cutting everything.

Now, why did he shake his hand right when I snapped the picture? haha...  Oh well....

Anyway, two days ago, we harvested some beets from the garden and I saved the juice. I wasn't sure why, but came in handy.  Mind you I have NEVER done any of this kind of thing before.

I had some left over chicken in the fridge.  Sounds like a complete meal to me!  And there you have it, folks.
Baked chicken, broccoli greens cooked with onion, pancetta and roasted red bell peppers. By the way, they  taste just like collard greens! Last but not least,  mashed potatoes with creamy horse radish sauce and fresh grated parmesan!

Lord, bless this food....Amen!

A Bitter/ Sweet Farewell To "Ms Vickey" ......:-)

I spent a lot of time over the past couple of months arguing with myself about selling my beloved "Ms Vickey" and going to something smaller.  Well, I did that and got "Raspberry"; my 50cc scooter that I am very happy with.  But I still had the nagging feeling in the back of my head that I needed to go to something else other than a 250cc.

"Ms Vickey"- My 250cc Bet & Win Scooter

After being on the market for nearly a month, I started to have second thoughts.  And then, it happened.  Without any price adjustments on my end, a potential purchaser called offering full price for her.  I found myself stunned and excited at the same time because I had my eye on something else already.  After having made arrangements to meet with the interested buyer, we waited for the day to come; and it did.

The potential buyer was also a mechanic who was very enthusiastic about Ms Vickey.  After checking her out thoroughly......

and checking her out some more......

We headed to the insurance office to do the transfer and complete the sale.

After everything was said and done, Chris put the new tags on the bike for the new owner.

Who was obviously very happy to have her....:-)

He thanked us and headed off into the sun......:-)

I know she is in good hands.....:-).  Farewell, "Ms Vickey"......:-)

And now.........On to my next adventure...

 A Honda PCX 150cc.  .....:-). I should have her this Saturday.....:-)  Sweet!!

Stay tuned!