Monday, September 22, 2014

Homeward Bound - Day 2

Last night was almost perfect.....except that I got really thirsty and drank a whole bottle of water before going to sleep!  Bad idea....ha.  The sleep that I did get was ok.  But the sleep I missed was evident when I had to get up and make it to an appointment.  I literally had circles under my eyes...haha.

When I looked out of the window it was raining a bit, but the weather man said it would clear up before the day was over.

We went down for breakfast; of which I have grown tired of already and did the best we could having only 15 minutes left before the breakfast room was closing.

Yikes!  It was rough, but it was going to have to do until lunch.  We were both starving.....ha

We checked on the scooters and then headed out for the day.  I saw this in our travels.  I had not seen this before.  Very cool.......:-).

And the clouds did seem to be moving out of the way a bit.....

After our appointment; which by the way did take until after lunch, we found this place just as we were passing by and decided to give it a whirl.

Scootard was ripe with anticipation as I had introduced him to cheese steaks during his first trip to Oklahoma.  Sorry, no pics.  We ate it!  The cook was from Philly and so am I.  The boy knew what he was doing!  

We waddled out of the cheese steak place and good thing as it was starting to draw a bit of a crowd.  We headed to one of my favorite places....:-).  My first thought was to get some goat butter which I have never seen in Canada although I suppose it's there somewhere.  We picked up dinner too while there.

Scootard loves this store as well.  He is amusing himself with the ten different types of hamburger buns that this store stocks.   Who knew??  Not me!

Well, it has been a long day and it was time to go back to the hotel and eat our "dinner".  Barbeque chicken and an assortment of cheese.  I guess after eating so many veggies all summer, I just wanted some protein!  Somebody else loves cheese too.....:-).

Time to settle in and start our journey homeward in the morning.  The plan is to pull out no later than 7:00.  I'll be sure not to drink a full bottle of water before turning in for the night this time. hahaha

See you on the road!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homeward Bound!- Day 1 (2014)

I'm sure you have heard the saying "There is no place like home."  Well, I believe that to be true.  I have traveled to many places and have been privileged to even live in other nations and have found that there really is no place like home for me.  God bless the USA!

After weeks of planning and preparing, we were finally packed and ready to go.

I know it sounds crazy, but there is so much to do when you are going to be gone for half the year that I started almost three weeks ago.  The car already had the luggage in it for a week and the scooters loaded the day before.  Today was the big day!  \o/ \o/

It was zero dark thirty when we both got us and loaded the last of our luggage in the car.

by the time we got finished with all of that it was time to make a coffee run!

Lil Rascal, Rasberry and Ruby were patiently waiting.  Raspberry seemed to have a different "perspective" then her two companions....:-).

After munching on some less than perfect breakfast and pretty good coffee, we made our way to the US border. And my goodness was that an experience!  We got pulled over and had to leave our keys on the hood of our car and go inside for "further screening".  I call it an ordeal because it took about 30 minutes between the waiting and the questions.  But I took the time after to encourage the customs agents to keep us safe!

We had some time before our room was going to be ready, so we made our way to this marina to kill some time and take in some sun.  BC had started its rainy season.  The sun was a welcomed friend to me!

I kept looking around to see if I preferred one of the boats to another and concluded that if I had one it had to be large enough for me to actually live on full time!

There is my beloved enjoying the view....ME!  haha


We both love being by the water.  Since we are going to be on the road for several days, we made the most of the time we had there; taking pictures and enjoying our time together.....:-)

I wondered how they got all of the boats on and off of the racks and low and behold and man came with a crane thingee and lifted one off and took it over to the water where it was promptly let down into the water.  Well, there you go!

It was time to make our way to our hotel which was going to take another 30 minutes.  We arrived and found a good parking space for the "trio" as well a our car.  Both right in eye shot of the security camera.  We got them covered up for the night.

Next, it was time to get the car unloaded and our things up to our room for the next few days.

I was happy to see that our room had everything we needed for the time that we would be there....

With a fully equipped kitchen that I probably would not be cooking it since I don't feel like shopping and won't be here that long anyway.  But it was still nice that it was there if I had chosen to cook something.

"Somebody" had been sloshing around in sandals all day and driving and sloshing and driving and this was the result of the sloshing after they passed out on the bed for a quick nap.  I was horrified!!  haha.  Thank God for showers!

We were going out for dinner with two of our team members and had decided on Korean food for dinner.........:-)  

I ordered some calamari and beef with green onion and glass noodles. And of course all of these other little dishes contained various types of salads.

and more salads......

and the main courses all came out on their own gas stoves! and more salad came with each order!
oh my.......

Adam ordered some type of beef and mushroom dish.....

which came with little salads as well.....ha.  It had been a long time since I had been to a Korean restaurant.  So, I had forgotten about all of the salads that come with the meals.  We did a lot of sharing and sent all of the left overs home with our friends.  I thought surely somebody was going to have to roll me out of the door and back to our hotel room!    

eating all of that food made me tired!  We got back to our little apartment at the hotel were we chatted a while and enjoyed the good company that we had until it was time to say goodnight.

Now, for a little TV before starting the day tomorrow!

See you on the road!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Anticipation Of A Long Road Trip

For various reasons, our trip back to Canada has been a very long and might I say "unpleasant" one.  When we returned we lost our garden due to drain remediation that was done around our building.

Then there is the constant problems with neighbors who feel that obeying the Provincial and Strata leash law is simply "having a leash on your dog", but not being anywhere around to supervise the dog.  Your front area becomes a "dog park" if you know what I mean.

To petty neighbors who feel it is there mission in life to try to "implant" themselves in your life!  I'll skip the picture on that one.  Too many to post! It is an every day occurrence with several dogs who love to use our front area as their toilet!

Then there was the "swiss cheese" pipe in the wall upstairs that decided to give way and fill our ceiling with water that caused us to be without our only bathroom for several days at a time.

Thank God all of that is over with the exception of the rude neighbors and the "unmanned dogs".

and the loss of a fellow rider....Bob Leong who died peacefully in his sleep a couple of days ago while on the trip of a life time with his wife of many years.

R.I.P "BobSkoot".

On a positive note though, we were allowed a garden allotment which we nurtured and received a good return on.  Here are some pics of our veggie garden from the beginning.

This was taken several weeks later......:-).

I found it to be very theraputic although it is very hard work!

And before you knew it, our garden (and others) started to pay off!  This is Kale.

Cherry tomatoes......

A bath tub full of Swiss Chard....


The absolute best corn I have ever tasted!

but this is a better picture of the corn....:-)


and Yucon Gold potatoes....


And lots of Basil and Rosemary.....:-). So many veggies that lots of soup was creatively produced in my humble Canadian kitchen. As you can see, the garden did not fail us!

This is some of the last harvest that we gathered.  We have now turned the garden over to another gardener to care for in our absence so that the food that is still coming to fruition does not go to waste.

Other good things that came from our current stay in Canada this year was the purchase of our new bikes. We sold Ms Vickey...... .

And Maj....

And purchased..."Raspberry"

And "Ms Ruby" -

and "Thing Two" (which we also sold due to ridiculous licensing requirements)

 and replaced "Thing Two" with "Lil Rascal"

 As you can see, it has been an interesting year in regard to scooters! Nevertheless, they will be traveling with us on our big "get away from it all" road trip that is coming up in 4 days and a wake up...:-).  We're out of here!!

See you on the road!