Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day In Seattle!

Howdy Everyone,

I know it's been a while, so I will try to do catch up on the next couple of blog post.  We made a trip to Seattle to get a check up done for me before we started out on our RV adventure for the year.  After getting the all clear from the doctor, we stopped here.   Hahaha....  I know.  Don't say it!  

Somebody was excited about the possibilities that lay behind the counter.....

In was struck by the "artsy" environment that seemed to have escaped my glance the last time I was in this establishment.

Anticipation.....isn't that a song??

And the mission has been accomplished!

Now, I'm getting excited too!

but not for long.....they were NOT good.....:-(.  I mean what is that pasty taste that is left in your mouth when you finish one of those things??
We left and headed down the road.

I caught a glance of this at one of the stop lights.  Seattle has some of the most interesting art in the most interesting places.

We reached our destination for the day.   Now, we're talking!

Two happy campers.....:-).

This is the Cavanaugh House.  Col. James Cavanaugh was in charge of the Lock construction from 1911-1917.  This is now the house of the Col in charge of the Seattle region US Army Corps Of Engineers.

 We had to go down these stairs to get to the water front.

Chris decided to embrace his "inner tree".........hahaha
Yeah, it's not working.....ha

We made it down to the locks.  The water was beautiful.

There is  a straight shot forward down toward the Freemont Cut.

Chris did the measurement to see how many thousands gallons of water flowed through the locks per minute.  Too much to drink!

This train bridge was opened to allow boats to safely pass through the locks.

This was the first one that we saw that came through.  This boat is a racing boated named "Obsession".

The lock keepers let the water in so that the boat would raise to the level needed to go into the cut.


This building is the Hiram Chittenden building thingee.  It has the original machinery to operate the Locks.  The administrative offices are also located in this building.

the yacts starting arriving and lining up one after another.  The smaller boats had to tie along side and onto the larger ones.  I have no idea why.  My guess is they might get squished if they got caught in between them.

this is a tug boat used to position ships and barges in relation to anchorage or mooring. Better known in my words as "parking"....ha

We started back toward the gates as it has been a very long day.  I thought this was a very pretty shot.

 I miss the little garden we had at the condo.  these flowers were beautiful!

 This my friends is a flower called "Foxglove".  This is where we get the heart medication called digitalis from.  It is highly poisonous until it is processed.

This one is called "Bird Of Paradise."

 We were starving and this place was just outside the gate.

Mr. Viking was sporting his USA shirt.  I think he's one of us! ......:-).

And the food arrived!  We probably should have made better choices here.
But that didn't kill his mood at all....haha

That is way to much fried food!  We ate half and left the other half.

It was a great day and we are glad you were able to go with us!

See you on the road!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wharf Park In Naramata, BC

Howdy folks,

Well, we have been busy and time is winding down for us to make our maiden voyage to New Hampshire in the next couple of weeks.  We have our medical appointments scheduled to get  check ups before we leave which is our custom.  Now, we are waiting on a WiFi extender to arrive for the second time.  The first one arrived two weeks ago damaged.  Ugh!.  Anyway, we decided that we would make a visit to Chris's Mom's house before we left.  She will be 92 this year andwe will not likely be here to celebrate it with her.

First stop was a new restaurant that we wanted to try in Princeton, BC.  The food was very good.  I don't believe the kitchen crew had too much to clean up after we were done!

We made it to Narramata that evening and made our way to the park the next day taking Laura with us....:-).

This is a cooling station of sorts. But it was not turned on.  On the other hand, if it was NOT in fact a cooling station; that would explain why it wasn't spraying water every where! haha

It was hot outside, but a beautiful day just the same.....:-).  I love being near the water.

Here is the Striking Viking with his Mom; Laura.....:-).  

Here is a view of the Okanagan Lake.  We had it mostly to ourselves.  I suppose that is the benefit of going in the middle of a work day.....:-).

 The Striking Viking decided that he needed to cool down a bit.  So, being the adventurer that he is, he took a dip in the lake.  I probably would have sunk like a rock had I tried that!  Besides, somebody had to take this gorgeous shot! haha

Tomorrow, we head back to our own town and continue the preparations for our long 3,000 mile journey to New Hampshire.....:-).

See you on the road!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful Views For Deep Thinking.......:-)

Hi Everybody,

Well, as some of you may know, Scootard and I have invested in a Class A RV and rented out our condo.  We have a one year lease on it and plan to travel and see things that we have not seen yet.  This of course means that we will be pulling our new van as well.  You can see our Vlog about how we got started in our RV here:  Don't forget to Subscribe if you want to follow our travels!!

Our scooters are in storage and will likely not be ridden at all this year.  We need to adjust to a new way of living.  We feel that we are in transition in our lives right now and need to adjust to this new way of living off the grid.  This took a lot of thought and the pictures following this chat will show the places that I like to go to think things through.  Since we use different modes of travel, I will probably change the name of this blog to reflect my travels.  My new name will be "Trippin Sister" and Scootard is now, "The Striking Viking"....haha.  

 And there is indeed a lot to think about!

Not that we had not done  a lot of thinking and discussing before the big move in (and the move out)!

 We rented out place to two young girls about 21 years of age.  Our condo was going to be their first place.

We had a long chat with one of the girl's Mom who couldn't resist calling us and making sure that all was well.  She spent a lot of time telling us how responsible her daughter is as well as her friend and really wanted us to consider her.

The market here in our town is awful for rentals right now.  virtually nothing is available!  So, we had several offers for our place; some of them willing to pay $100.00 more a month.

But we gave it to these two girls realizing that we each had our "first place" too very long ago.  Somebody gave us a chance.  We wanted to be a blessing to these girls.....:-)

The lease was signed for a one year term.  NOW, THERE'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!
Seeing as if things went wrong in the motor home; which we affectionately named "Grace"; we are literally locked out of our home for a year!

This was a huge step of courage for us as well as them.  But we believe that we are headed in the right direction!  

We hope to continue to see you all on the road somewhere!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Beautiful Lunch Break

Well, It has been quite a while since I was able to post since being in the whirl wind of moving out of our condo, into an RV and getting the condo ready for renters.  We have been extremely busy and trying to keep up with things by learning new technology (me) and doing a lot of heavy lifting getting things in order here and in the RV (Chris).  You can follow our Vlogs here:

We are almost finished clearing our place and needed to make a run out of town today.  It was in the 70's and a good day to have a nice lunch outdoors.  We received this gift card with the purchase of our Van several weeks ago.  But, we have been so busy, we did not have time to use it until today.  It was pretty good, although a bit salty.

Here is a shot of the inside of the restaurant although we ate outdoors.  I thought the mirrors on the ceiling made the room look really huge and made you feel that you were walking upside down....ha

I came back from taking my shot of the indoors to finding Chris sitting in the shade.  Well, that was a bit "cool" for my Oklahoma blood.  So, he gathered our menus and headed for a more sunny spot.

His order was so wild concoction of raw fish with other thingees on it.......hummmm.  I passed on that one! However, I did help him polish off his yam fries that had been drizzled in truffle oil.....yummm.

I ordered some mushroom and spinach pasta with chicken and garlic bread.  It was good, but as I said, a bit salty.  Chris ordered a special iced tea for me.

It was going to be at least two more hours before we made it back to our town.  I decided to make a pit stop and could not resist taking a picture of these signs; the likes of which I had never seen before.....haha.  If anybody is confused about "who" this room is for.....Let me help you with that! ha 

Or this one.  I'd be glad to explain the meaning of both!

Well, it's time to head back and get more cleaning and clearing done at the condo.  

See you on the road!